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Don Cobb, Retired
Founder, Personal History

Don attended Tulane University in New Orleans and got a Bachlor of Business Administration. He was a member of the Phi Beta Tau leadership society and graduated at the top of his class.

Don got his CPA certificate and worked for one of the major accounting firms in San Francisco for four years.

He bought one of the first Apple computers ever made and taught himself how to program it because as he says, “I had to, as there were no programs available at the time.”  It was right around this time that Don had the vision for Informa Corporation.
He wrote one of the first accounting programs on a personal computer and sold, supported and upgraded that program for about 10 years. He received recognition for his work from Apple Computer and Who's Who among others

During that time, he learned a lot about setting up and fixing up computers, again, because there weren't many people around doing that type of work. About 20 years ago, Don made the decision  to switch gears and become a full time computer consultant.

Don is proud to say, “I have worked on every operating system that Microsoft has ever created.”

In his free time Don likes to travel and has a place in Italy. Don also really enjoys photography .

To right are a few photos of one of his recent trips to Italy.

As he put it, "they have nothing to do with computers, but they make me extremely happy."

He's Titled These "Joyous Occasions."

Terry Schladetzky, PACS
President, Personal History

Terry has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of server management, information technology, business management, and marketing. Terry began his career as a clerk working for Unisys Corporation, a prominent defense contractor in the 80's, at the age of 16. Six short months after that, Terry completed his first professional computer program for Unisys and was promoted to work in the information systems department. By the age of 18, Terry had been the first active high school student to be bestowed supervisory responsibilities at Unisys.

In college, Terry studied network engineering and participating the Novell CNE program, but majored in Computer Science. He also spent a great deal of time taking courses in Business Law and Small Business management.

On June 12, 1987, Ronald Reagan stood at the Berlin Wall and pleaded, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

Mr. Gorbachev did, and Unisys’s days as a defense contractors became numbered.

After Unisys, Terry began working for Wilwood Engineering and played a vital role in helping to turn Wilwood into market leader for disc brake systems in the NASCAR market. In the early 90's nobody could compete with Wilwood and Terry brought an entirely new set of skills to the organization by designing their IT infrastructure using cutting edge technology that streamlined their production process.

In January of 2000, Terry opened Emend, and Information Technology Company based in Southern California. In July of 2010, Terry's team at Emend joined forces with Informa to create a winning strategic partnership between Informa and Emend, allowing both company's to share resources in order to offer a better solution to both business's clients.

Informa, The Company Philosophy

Success in information technology is gauged by its contributions towards a business's profitability and the system's ability to streamlining the workflow process in order to improve efficiency while still making information readily available and keeping it secure. It is a complicated formula.   It is Informa's philosophy that to properly manage the IT infrastructure one must understand how to properly manage a business. This is the formula for how Informa is able to excel above its competition and setup its clients for success.

Our mission is to deliver a quality service to our clients helping them to improve the operation of their business. A properly implemented information system is a necessary ingredient in the recipe for success of your company. To accomplish our goal and deliver a high quality service that will improve your business, Informa team leaders are required to have at least 5 years of experience in business management.

The ability for Informa to also provide business management services to our clients is a natural progression towards our commitment towards delivering a quality IT service that will improve your business.

Informa Team Leaders and Board of Advisors

Terry Schladetzky, PACS, - Owner of Informa

Edward West, PMP - Partner, Senior Project Manager/Director Northwest Operations for Emend

Lot De Leon- Senior Network Engineer

John Relic, M.Ph., C.M.P.EM.Ph., C.M.P.E - CEO Clarity MD, Joint Venture Partner. Healthcare workflow process and practice management consultant

Dan Skalko - President Imaging Logistics/Partner Clarity MD, Healthcare practice management advisor

Mark Hill - Marketing and Business Process Advisor


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