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Service Overview

Dell Logo.  Emend is a Dell Reseller / Dell Partner in Canoga ParkCisco Logo.  Emend is a Cisco Programming Group in Canoga ParkMicrosoft Logo.  Emend provides technical support for Microsoft based servers and operating systems.

Today even the smallest of businesses deploy complex computer networks that are designed to manage a company's mission critical information.  The information must be accurate, complete, and cost effective to manage.  When the computer system stops, so does your business.  

Informa engineers are trained with this concept in mind. Our engineers are experienced with the setup, design, and installation of such mission critical systems. Our goal is to design your system to meet the needs of your business and to provide you with the support that you need to keep your system and your business running.

We believe that customers should not be left on their own to determine how to use their computer after it is installed. It is our belief that the installation of a company’s computer infrastructure should be carefully planned and implemented.

A thorough understanding of your business process is vital to the implementation of your computer network. Your computer infrastructure should be designed accurately and effectively to manage your data while streamlining much of your workflow processes. Our mission in creating your information system is to understand your business needs so that your computer system and business processes will compliment each other, resulting in your business running at optimum efficiency.

Benefits To Outsourcing IT vs. Hiring Full Time Employees

Information Technology (IT) is a critical part of any business and often requires technical and management skills beyond the expertise of the management staff that most small businesses employ. Businesses who find themselves in this situation are ready for outsourcing.

Outsourcing offers improved staffing options for businesses. Informa has engineers that are fully qualified in the latest technologies and use the latest software tools to offer continuous coverage. Businesses that utilize outsourced services are able leverage these skills to benefit the organization at a reduced cost to staffing and maintaining a fully qualified in-house IT staff.

As resellers and a support center for the Dell, Microsoft, and Cisco product lines, our staff is ready to assist you with any technology need your organization might have.

Pricing Information

Hour Rate / Pay as you go
For our clients that need occasion IT support services, Informa offers basic technology services at reasonable hourly rates. We do not charge a monthly retainer nor do we charge for our travel time like our competition.

Service Package
For businesses that need support on a ongoing basis, Informa offers its advanced technology services in package. We offer month-month, quarterly, and annual service programs that allow customers to save money on their long term IT needs with the peace of mind that their business will be well taken care of.

Prepaid Plans
Have a small project that needs to be done? Our prepaid pricing plans may be the solution to get the job done and save you money. Informa sells prepaid blocks time at discounted rates in 5 hour and 10 hour packages for a savings of up to $350 over our standard retail price.

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