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Medical Record

The benefits of an Electronic Medical Records application are real and can very easily be recognized in your practice. As public healthcare policy begins to shift, the decision to delay the implementation of an EMR/EHR application only adds to the impending conversion. In addition, vendors may become busy with installations of EMR applications due to the increasing demand, forcing them to raise the prices and creating delays in delivery.

Why use the an EMR Consultant Like Emend To Purchase Your System

The decision to move to an EMR/EHR is a big step. A professional organization such as Informa can remove much of the unease from the decision and implementation. Informa can manage this process to ensure timeliness and completion. When implementing an EMR/EHR there are many factors to consider. With Informa managing your conversion, your practice can get back to the practice of patient care. Our team has been through many EMR implementations and know what to expect and how to guide you through this process.

Informa's Healthcare Management team has the experience you need to help with selection of the right EMR/EHR solution for your organization. We have partnered with several of the industries top manufacturers to help you find the correct package that fits your workflow process and your budget.

When it comes time to make the decision about an EMR/EHR application for your organization, our experienced team will help you

  • Select the correct vendor
  • Acquire the appropriate hardware
  • Integrate the EMR system with your existing systems
  • Assist you with the conversion of patient records
  • Setup your disaster recovery plan
  • Train your staff
  • Help you manage and maintain your new EMR/EHR System.

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