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Fire and EMS
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PACS reading Station, RIS Interface, Emend does PACS administration in Canoga Park, Emend does RIS administration in Canoga Park

Information for Fire and Emergency Services Organizations has always been of vital importance.  Too much is at stake to be without mission-critical data in a timely manner.  As technology has become more accessible and capable, the information first responders have access to has created greater and greater demands for world-class information technology management.

PACS reading Station.  Outsource PACS and RIS administration to Emend in Canoga Park, New York, Washington

Informa approaches its IT support of first responders with the same level of mission-critical, zero-failure-tolerance as the first responders themselves.  Whether its management and optimization of MDCs, installation and integration of new servers, deployment of Firehouse software, or working with CAD systems and call logging, Informa stands ready to be a convenient yet dedicated outsource IT solution for Fire and Emergency Services Organizations.  Informa will even go the extra mile, deploying on-call personnel during full emergency response situations should its clients so need

Services That We Offer

CAD System Setup and Management
MDC Deployment and Management
FireHouse Software Information Management
FireHouse Interfacing With CAD
ROSS Resource Database Administration
IQS Management System Installation
Communication System Management
EMSA Compliance

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