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Healthcare IT
Healthcare Technology
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Healthcare Technology

 Healthcare Information Technology.  Emend provides IT support services and PACS administration to customers in Canoga Park, New York, and Seattle.

Information Technology Services for Healthcare Organizations

Doctors.  Emend works with Doctors to improve work flow, manage and impliment PACS, DICOM interfacing, PACS Setup, PACS Support, Canoga Park, New York, San Fernando Valley.

Staying ahead in business means staying ahead in the technology game. This is especially true in the healthcare industry where managing the technology extends beyond servers, routers, and switches.

As most hospital diagnostic equipment is now TCP/IP compatible and ready to interface with enterprise computer networks, healthcare providers have found that they need to create more complex networks to properly setup diagnostic equipment and modalities.

Physicians who refer patients to local radiology centers have also created

a new type of demand as they expect to review their patients CT, MRI, and PET/CT studies as soon as possible. In order to meet these demands, radiology centers have implemented complex VPN and Microwave solutions to allow referring physicians immediate access to their patient’s records.

Informa provides a total management solution which allows you to outsource all of your IT needs and rest assured that your systems will work properly. Our staff has extensive experience with EMR, EHR, HIS, RIS, PACS, modality setup, document management, and HIPAA security requirements.

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