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Informa's marketing program was designed with small businesses in mind. Our objective is to give small business owners the tools that they need in order increase public awareness and ultimately increase sales. While traditional advertising methods in major media markets work well for large companies to establish brand recognition, these same strategies can have the opposite effect on small business marketing programs by exhausting the budget and not reaching the right people.

Many agencies take a "one size fits all" approach to marketing. To understand the differences between their programs and Informa's marketing program is to understand the true differences between marketing and advertising. Informa's marketing program focuses on the development of a marketing strategy that is broken into five basic categories while most agencies focus towards advertising and sales.

Marketing Plan

The foundation of every great marketing program beings with a solid marketing plan. Our marketing plan is a simple easy to follow plan that is custom tailored to your business needs. It acts a blueprint for your organization guiding your sales professionals through a call to action that will set them up for success by settings goals for market share, identifying your company strenghts, demographics, and strategies that best meet the sales objectives of the organization.

Execution of the Strategic Plan

The second category of our five part program involves the implementation of the strategies that are identified in your marketing plan. Most small businesses obtain clients through the relationships that they build. Our strategic plan analyzes those relationships and provides our clients with a structured plan, that works, for solidifying those relationships, establishing new ones, and building a network of referral partners that will help you grow your business. Our marketing program also includes strategies for:

  • Identifying potential Referral partners
  • Marketing through social networking
  • Leveraging marketing programs such as the chamber of commerce or other leads and referral groups
  • Improving customer image and perception
  • Implementing affiliate and reseller programs
  • Establishing an online presence
  • Brochures, proposals, and presentations
  • Managing customer contacts and relationships

Customer Loyalty

The third category of our program involves a close look at your existing customer relationships. To know what brings in new clients, one must first know why their existing clients keep coming back. Often the answer is not as one might expect. We will help you examine these relationships and develop a structured program that will use this information to bring in new clients.

Customers are valuable when it comes finding new clients. Implementing a structured rewards program to incentivise them to provide you with referrals is often one of the fastest ways to grow your business. Informa will help you setup a customer loyalty program that will help put you on track to increasing sales by letting your customers do your marketing for you.

Advertising, Branding, and Image

The fourth category of our five category program involves advertising and sales. The main objective of the marketing program is to identify who your potential clients are and the message you want them to hear. When it comes time to execute your marketing plan, we can help you with:

  • Major Media Market Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • Logos
  • Sales
  • Website Development
  • Online Advertising


Once your marketing program is running, we will continue be here to guide you through the processes. We will work with you, hands on, teaching you new strategies that will help keep your marketing program on track and help you to increase sales.


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