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Microwave and
Wireless Solutions

Informa Microwave Solutions provide customers with the
ability to interconnect multiple offices at speeds up to
100x faster than DSL

With its 99.999% reliability, it is a technology that rivals fiber optics at a fraction of the cost. It connects your business across the campus, across the street, or across the state. Its speed and bandwidth are faster than any managed solution from the local phone company. It is customer owned and the only cross-town connectivity solution that provides its owners with a return on its investment.

Bridgewave System, Microwave System, Gigabit Wireless.  Emend sells microwave and wireless solutions in Canoga Park, New York, and Seattle.

It is Microwave and Informa is your Microwave Expert. Informa ’s engineers have over 20 years combined experience in working with point-to-point and multipoint microwave. Informa Microwave Solutions are scalable. Your business owns the equipment, so it can move with you as your business continues to grow. Informa Microwave Systems can reach up to 4 Gigabit speeds to meet the demanding bandwidth requirements for your business.

Contact Informa to learn how you can put this technology to work for you today and receive all of the benefits of Informa Microwave Solutions.

Benefits of Microwave Include:

Microwave offers a one year return on investment vs T3 / DS3
Microwave transfer rates between 45Mbit to 4 Gigabit
Microwave is a 100% Customer Owned Private Network
Microwave is available with FCC Licensed Radio Frequency for Additional Security
Long range Microwave solutions available spanning large metropolitan areas and intercity connectivity.
Microwave is Perfect for Voice over IP (VOIP) Solutions
Microwave Equipment rated at 99.999 uptime (equivalent to fiber)
Microwave is Ideal solutions for First Responders and HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Facilities

Fiber/DS3 Solution Compared To Bridgewave Microwave
Calculated over 4 Year Life Cycle

Bridgewave GigE

Leased Fiber

Expected Performance
1 Gbit
45 Mbit
1 Gbit
Initial Setup Cost, Installation, Materials
Equipment Cost
Extended warranty with next day replacement
Not Available
Not Available
Monthly Recurring Charges
Total Investment Over 4 Years


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