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Frequently Asked Questions
The Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT



Q: Why Outsource my Computer Support?
A: It is a critical part of any company that requires technical and management skills beyond the expertise of the staff that most businesses employ. Outsourcing offers improved staffing options for businesses.

Q: Isn’t it less expensive to hire a full time employee?
A: No, most businesses save money by outsourcing. Among the other benefits, outsourcing allows companies the benefit of “pay as you go” pricing plans.

Q: Is there return on my investment?
A: Absolutely! Solution providers like Informa have engineers that are fully qualified in the latest technologies and use the most current software tools available to offer their clients continuous coverage and peace of mind. Businesses that utilize the services of Informa are able leverage these skills to benefit the organization at a reduced cost to staffing and maintaining a fully qualified in-house IT staff.

Q: My business can’t afford down time. Isn’t it time to hire a fulltime employee?
A: No. This is exactly the time you should move away from hiring a full time employee. Informa provides its clients with a service level agreements that guarantee response time. In addition, you don’t need to worry if your employee calls in sick or is on vacation.

Q: How will outsourcing help me deploy new projects?
A: The technical staff in the full time employ of any company becomes limited to working with only those technologies used by their employer. The staff often has limited exposure to new products and techniques. Companies that use Informa to manage and deploy new IT projects enjoy the benefit our staff’s diverse experience and frequent exposure to different technologies.


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