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PACS reading Station, RIS Interface, Emend does PACS administration in Canoga Park, Emend does RIS administration in Canoga Park

With the emergence of PACS, its growing demand in radiology, and the introduction of PACS hybrid products in other healthcare specialties such as cardiology, dental, and even veterinary, PACS management is becoming a growing challenge for many healthcare providers. The PACS/RIS Administrator is the answer to the management challenges of a digital radiology business.

PACS reading Station.  Outsource PACS and RIS administration to Emend in Canoga Park, New York, Washington

Hospitals and major healthcare systems enjoy the privilege of being able to hire PACS/RIS administrators full time. For most smaller centers, who often outsource their IT functions, it is often cost prohibitive to staff this position full time.

The solution for smaller imaging centers is Informa's PACS and RIS administration services. Our PACS/RIS support services allow smaller centers to obtain assistance with the ongoing maintenance and support of their current PACS, RIS, and dictation systems on an as-needed basis.

We focus our attention towards the every day challenges of PACS and RIS management so that you can manage your center. As your PACS/RIS administrators we assist you with workflow process management, managing patient studies, maintaining interfaces between PACS and other systems, performing regular backups, and maintaining the diagnostic reading stations.

For centers who desire to implement PACS, our highly skilled PACS Certified team will assist you with selection of your PACS system and help you manage your new workflow process in the most efficient way possible.

Informa's PACS Administration are Certified by ERad, a division of Radnet Inc.

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