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Radiology and Diagnostic

PET/CT, Emend provides DICOM, PACS, RADIOLOGY, RIS, DICOM Managment in San Fernando, Canoga Park, New York, Seattle, Washington

Interfacing Diagnostic Imaging Solutions

CT Scan, Emend provides support for PACS, RIS, modality integration. CT TO PACS, MRI to PACS, PET/CT to PACS in San Fernando Valley, Canoga Park, New York

Interfacing modalities, dictation systems, RIS solutions, and PACS servers, with each other and the computer network requires in-depth knowledge of the technologies that these appliances use. If your computer consultant does not have in-depth knowledge of DICOM and HL7 integration, you need to the experience of Informa. Informa has been servicing radiology centers for over 10 years, not only managing the network infrastructure, but maintaining the connections between critical healthcare systems with 99.999% reliability.

Portals For Referring Physicians / In-House Teleradiology Solutions

The ability for referring physicians to access their patient records and diagnostic images are a must. Similarly, on-call doctors and teleradiology services who are called upon to perform a wet read will also need access from remote locations. When it comes time to build your extended computer network, Informa is the team that you should turn to. Informa has partnered with several of the industry's most respected PACS manufacturers, including Merge and ERad to be able to offer a variety of cost effective solutions that will allow your referring physicians to access their patient records and allow radiologists access critical resources from remote locations.


Emend helps referring physicians gain access to PACS system from remtoe locations.

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