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Network and
Data Security

Informa adheres to the best practice policies created by Cisco Systems, Inc. and other top industry leaders so that you can rest assured that your systems are secured and protected from outside threats. Our techniques are innovative, secure, and have been nationally recognized.

Our Methodology

The foundation of any good security program begins with a solid security plan. This policy begins with assessing the risk to the network infrastructure and an action plan to respond to those needs. Continuation of the policy requires vigilant monitoring of the network and adopting change management practices to allow for system expansion.

Our plan sets guidelines for acceptable usage policies and implements monitoring and controlling mechanisms to mitigate security risks such as malware, outside intrusion, and performance issues brought on by unacceptable use of the computer network.

We examine and assess the potential risks to your system and implement measures to improve them. Among that which is examined includes passwords policies, firewall configurations, virus/malware protection, routers, switches, and operating systems. Our in depth analysis documents potential vulnerabilities, secures them, assists you with monitoring, and creates a disaster recovery plan should the unthinkable happen.

When it is time to secure your system, Informa is the only one you should trust.


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